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Powder coating is an economical coating system.

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Powder Coating adds the desired aesthetic qualities to metal components, yet offers long-lasting protection in rough handling situations and outdoor conditions.

Any colour or finish of Powder Coatings
At Belmont Powder Coaters we offer a wide range of colours and finishes in powder coatings. We coat items using polyester or epoxy, low bake or high bake, textured, hammered, metallic or clear powder coats. Advice can be offered on the finish to suit your needs.

Masters of the Powder Coating art
Powder coatings are invariably thicker than paint finishes, although this increases durability and protection for the component, higher film thicknesses can cause problems for threads and mating surfaces. Our in depth knowledge of high temperature masking techniques can avoid these problems and together with careful jig design we can ensure that our customers enjoy the benefit of economical, trouble free powder coated parts.

We are skilled in all facets of the coating process, handling as we do an enormous variety of items from high volume automotive components to the largest fabrications. The care we take in this work, plus our thorough inspection procedures, ensures continual high quality. In addition to our expertise in coating all types of substrates we have unrivalled experience of problem solving in the powder coating of zinc and aluminium diecastings in the automotive sector and many other industries.

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